KuneKune Pigs (WWHHAAAAT?!?!!!??)

Ever see a KuneKune Pigs? 

"It's like love at first site! It's like a man turned into a child that grew into a baby, that blew up and cocooned into a creature full of warmth and love!"

-My really Crazy Husband/Farmer                                                           

We have started our adventure into the wonderful world of registered Kunekune pigs.  We plan our first litter of little piggers to arrive summer of 2015 if all goes well.  We are members of both the AKKPS and the AKPR and our piglets will be dually registered.  If you are interested in being added to our waiting list for this litter email or call!

Reserve your KuneKune now! call or e-mail!


"Summer of Love"

 "A girls best friend"