I am so completely new to working with wool, I love it and do it just about every day in one way or another. I learned to dye wool fairly early on as it is fun, and with mostly white sheep it expands the amount of projects I could do exponentially!  I dye wool on my stove by heating water and adding whatever the dye is, whether it be a natural dye like beat root or berries, kool aid which is fun and inexpensive but doesn't offer the full range of colors I needed, or rit dye which usually fills in any gaps I need.  In the summer I would dye the wool, pour it out in the sink into a strainer and then take it out to the porch to dry on wracks.  Unfortunately in upstate NY the warm months are few and far between so the wool has to be dried inside in the colder months.  This can be drippy and messy as the wool can hold a lot of water.  
So last summer while at a garage sale I saw a salad spinner for sale and it clicked with me that it would be the perfect addition to my wool dying tools.  It was simple and not huge.
When my wool had reached the color I desired I could put the salad spinner in the sink and pour the pot of water and wool directly into the spinner like I did the strainer.

There are holes all the way through so it would drain the excess water out.  I then put the lid on the salad spinner and spin the dickens out of it for a few minutes.  When I pull it out it is much dryer than it would have been just coming out of the strainer and reduces the air drying time majorly.

I set this out of the way to dry and usually in one day it is good to use.  All that time saved by a $1 find at a yard sale :)