Isn't much compared to many.  In the short 14 months I have owned sheep and worked with fiber I have learned the basics of needle felting, how to shear (sufficiently not professionally), how to pick and wash fleeces, use a drum carder, dye wool, and I'm starting to learn to spin (thanks to my very patient dad).  Most things I have either learned from trial and error or youtube.  Today I dyed wool with Rit dye, it was raining, and I'm low on colors to felt with so I figured a good day for grocery shopping and picking up some supplies at the store.  I simply heat water in a pot, add the dye a little for pastels, more for darker colors, I stir the dye in to the warm water and add wool.  It's extremely unscientific and quick.  I prefer to use the liquid rit dyes if I have to use Rit.  I like using Kool Aid but most of those colors come out neon and are hard to incorporate in regular needle felting.  You just have to make sure the wool is down in the water and fully saturated.  I stir every few minutes to make sure all the wool is getting evenly colored and after 10 minutes or so I check to see if the color I'm looking for is in the wool yet, strain and hang to dry.  Very simple and fun!