Those of you that follow our facebook page know that we have recently purchased the Homesteading for beginners set of videos.  I thought it would be nice as I watch to post about some of the interesting tips I learn from the videos.
Last night I popped in disk one, which features sheep.  With the Babydolls I have done a lot of reading and hands on learning so for the most part there were not many new things to me.  It was great for some one who is thinking of getting sheep, or just recently got sheep and does not have a mentor.  The building ideas were good but my favorite tip was in reference to fencing.  We have several types of fencing around our farm, depending on who we are trying to contain or keep out.  The sheep for the most part are kept in wire mesh fencing.  When doing a long run it can be tough with only one or two people to stretch the fence.  In the video they simply took two 2"x4"s and cut them to the height of the fence.  The wood was put on each side of the fence and behind the first set of twists so the boards had something to catch on.  They then screwed bolts in four locations down the 2"x4"s insuring the first was at the top and the last was under the last set of twists.  They then hooked a chain to the top and bottom of the boards and attached the winch to the center of the chain.  It was a simple and easy technique but something I hadn't figured out myself for sure.  I am looking forward to using this next time we are putting up more wire fencing.  
I hope I was able to describe this correctly, if you have any questions let me know.  I hope to find lots of other great tips to write about as I go through the vids!