I have been farming since 2012... "Farming" in that I have lived in the country, tried to grow our food as much as possible, raised livestock and made tons of mistakes.  For the majority of those past six years I have shared my journey, through Facebook, Instagram, and even videos on YouTube.  Most of my content is light hearted, or informational.  Lately I feel pulled to talk more about faith and less about luck.  More about lessons and less about pissing and moaning.  I am by no means the picture of Christianity.  Yes, my father is a minister.  Yes I grew up in Catholic School.  And yes I have had my times of doubt when I was angry with the church, and I am sure to say angry with God.  Not angry like how could you forsake me, but angry like, how could you take my happy, healthy husband away at the ripe age of 20 while our daughter was a mere 3 months old?  I swear like a trucker at times.  I lose patients... I am far from perfect.  Like most others I have good and bad days.  But no matter what I have faith on those bad days that it is all a process, and He has a plan for me.  There is no greater gift my parents instilled in me then my faith.  I am truly blessed to have been raised by two Christian, faithful parents.  My faith has brought me through becoming a 20 year old army widow and single mother.  Faith in God brought me to this farm.  To my flock.  I cannot tell you how many times I have laughed at thinking about telling younger me that I would be a sheep farmer.  There is no way I would have ever imagined not only being a shepherd, but being so completely happy and content.  It is not easy for me to talk about my faith, I don't know if it is fear that people won't like what I have to say.  Fear that people will point fingers at how imperfect I am and not one to speak of faith, and Christianity.  The truth is I feel called, quite literally to share the faith side of my farm and family journey.  So that is what I plan to do.  I know many friends and followers have a different belief, that is ok.  I feel we can all learn from each other.  I pray that we can embrace our differences and learn from each others strengths.  And I pray that I will continue to fight through the fear of being judged or made fun of and share my faith path with you all.