There is so much going on this week my head is slightly spinning!!!  I know you guys are like, what's new lol  Well we ended our vacation week visiting a farm in Sharon Springs that had a couple litters of uber adorable Kunekune piglets, we are over the moon excited to be welcoming a boar, named Wolfie, and a gilt, yet to be named in a couple weeks when their paperwork comes in!!!  If you do not know what Kunekune pigs are they are a heritage breed of pig that does exceptionally well on forage!  They are completely adorable, kind of fuzzy, and some (our gilt) have waddles or piri piri, I am so completely excited at this new adventure and when we have our spring open house I am sure you guys will enjoy meeting them!  they are very friendly and love belly rubs! Can you believe I left my camera in the car while we were there so photos will have to wait til they are here, sorry.  Birdy was over the moon to be able to go and visit the Beekman 1802 mercantile while we were there, she did not get to meet Josh or Brent as they were out of town but hopefully when we go pick up the piglets we might run into them, she did bring home an awesome Gentleman Goat tee and was super happy about that!  Lunch at the Black Cat Cafe was to die for and we can not wait to go back, especially for some Blaaaack Mac and Cheese!!!
Apparently I went through more hay then I had expected this year and I am so relieved to have found some hay that will be getting delivered this weekend!  Can't be short on forage with 6 bred ewes in the barn.
We have had a blast the last three Sundays working at the Chaumont Farmer's Market and are delighted to hear they have decided to continue through March.  So if you have not made it out there yet, come by this week, there are meats (lamb, beef, goat, and pork) locally raised of course, winter hardy veggies, crafts, antiques, baked goods, of course my wool items, and dryer balls, and goats milk soap and candles from my neighbor Alyce Hattie Bea who also carries some awesome cookie bars and brownies!  This week my sis who owns Alyce Hattie Bea will be busy being goaty (it's ok she is by choice) so our mom will be working her table this week!
And for Matt's bit of news he has finally found a Boer buck he likes and we are going to check him out tomorrow so fingers crossed (for him of course I am not goaty) that all goes well and we will finally have goat kids this summer.  
On the home front I have been experimenting on sprouting seeds, lentils in particular right now for us and for the critters to enjoy.  Hopefully that goes well and I will have a detailed blog in coming weeks to show how I did it.  I also finally (it took a month to get here) received my scoby in the mail and currently have some much awaited home brewed Kombucha brewing on the counter.  I hope I don't ruin this one like I did the last!  So again, if I am successful I will share with you all how I did the tea!
We have decided to sell our heifer calf.  We bought her with hopes to breed her, raise her calf for beef and milk her but reallity is we have a long time before that will happen, the goats can provide the same purpose with less cost and are something we are a bit more knowledgable about.  So hopefully we find a great home for her!
So in a nutshell, so many awesome things are happening!  I can't wait for the new porcine arrivals, if any one has any name ideas for the little girl piggy let me know!