Ok so a new school year has begun. I do not pose to be a completely sane human (that would be boring), but nothing gets me gloomier than when my kiddo goes back to school... So after crying like an idiot for a good twenty four hours (not a very hydrating idea with my new running regiment), I decided to get busy.  Holidays are coming up, which means the busy craft show season is upon us.  I spent yesterday filling some etsy orders and my first attempt at making my own tomato sauce from the garden and canning it.  I didn't blow the kitchen up, but holy bananas it takes a ton of tomatoes to make a little sauce!  I also finished a needle felted goat, a large piece much bigger than my usual stuff.  He is in the etsy shop, and about four sets of dryer balls.  
Part of my getting busy is to take time to write here each day, it may not be educational always but it will be entertaining at least :)  
This weekend starts the crazy fiber fest season too so I will be packing and getting lambs ready to head to the NJ sheep and wool festival this weekend.  I hope to have lots of photos and maybe a new vid on our youtube channel.  
I have found that a little list on the chalk board in the kitchen of things I'd like to accomplish each day gives me a bit of sunshine as I erase each line.  Keeping busy makes the day go by faster and hopefully I will have tons of great felties and ornaments to offer at craft shows and on etsy!  
I hope you all are surviving back to school time!  If you are local, the cider mill is already open and the cider is yummy!