Like many people in the North east we have spent the last few days digging out!  Our house, driveway, barn, and cars were buried in a crazy blizzard that brought around four feet of snow in two days.  Normally we are prepared and equipped and both Matt and I have 4wheel drive vehicles so the hype of impending storms don't usually scare us too much  Well this one was a whole new ball game.  We literally did not leave the house for thee days, frequent runs to the barn with warm water were the extent of my outdoor ventures.  And even those ventures out were rough as any paths we shoveled to make getting there easier would be snowed and blown over by the next round of chores.  We ran out of gas trying to plow out our 550' driveway and had to call in a plow service.  The first one did not make it to the house until midnight on Wednesday and then immediately got stuck, had no shovel and Matt had to trudge to the mouth of the driveway to help shovel him out.  We found a second service that thought they could do the job and came out Thursday morning, and after four hours, a dent in the barn door, and a bent high tunnel pipe they pretty much got the job done.  
Needless to say by then the whole family was ready to go out.  The girls and I headed to town to pick up Matt who had an interview, thankfully my dad picked him up so he could make it to the interview in time.  We made a few stops and refilled the gas cans and headed home to repair the barn door and clean up the snow around the cars.
This weather and this time of year make it very easy to get down, especially if you farm, or have critters outside that need care.  The questions why am I doing this and/or why am I living in the polar artic Northern Ny have ran through my mind more than once over the passed week.  After the holidays, when the festivities have wound down and the snow is welcome to hit the road (but refuses for a few months), it is hard to stay chipper sometimes.  
It is important to enjoy the down time, plan for spring, and consider it a success that you got your animals through another harsh winter month.  I'll leave you with this image of our backyard with a four foot chain link fence, only six inches visible and pray that the storms are at a minimum for the rest of winter.