Ok so one thing I have been wanting to learn to do is to felt slippers and booties.  I made it my goal this weekend and consider myself somewhat successful :) Here is what you will need to start:
- Around a pound of wool, depending on the size slippers you are making of course
-Bubble wrap
-Bamboo placemat
-Soap (I used unscented goats milk soap)
-A fine net or old curtain (I used an old laundry bag)
-Bowl with warm water

To begin you trace your feet, or the feet of your recipient, with a one inch border on the bubble wrap and cut it out.  These will now be referred to as templates.  Lay your templates on a clean surface and begin to pull tufts of wool and cover the templates with all the tufts being vertical.  After both templates are covered lay a second layer of tufts in the perpendicular direction.  Cover the tufted templates with your net or curtain.  Sprinkle warm water on the wool, soap your hands so they glide over the net and rub gently for a few minutes.  Gently lift the net, carefully flip the templates, and neatly fold the edges over.

Now layer the same tufts on this side of the template as you did before, vertical tufts, horizontal tufts, cover, wet, and rub.
Do this on each side again, this layer will be the outside layer of your slippers.  At the end flip and fold the edges over neatly, lay the netting back on top and add more soap and water and rub gently for five minutes or so.  Flip the templates and do this again.  Flip and now keep the net off, with plenty of warm water and soapy hands rub gently on the wool, do this again on the other side.  You know the wool is felted if you can pinch it and it feels firmly together.  Now cut holes in your templates where your feet will go in.

Now remove the bubble wrap templates (I saved mine because why not :).  Place the slippers on the bamboo mat and roll it in the mat for several minutes.  This is a Popeye type work out for the old fore arms!  Re-position the slippers on the bamboo and roll more.  Do this five times of re-positioning.  I placed a pair of flat shoes in them when this was done to help them set up while drying and to trim the foot holes out better.  I chose to needle felt decorations on the tops of my slippers but you can leave them plain or once you get your technique down, you can place different colors of wool to create decorative designs.  I hope you guys have fun with this and if you try it out share your pics!