Well I feel like a bottle about to burst after weeks struggling with my blog page I have finally been able to get logged in and type!  We have been getting buried in snow in the blustery North East and with that I have had way too much inside time!  I am slowly going crazy...six, five, four, three, two, one switch!  LOL ok out of my system (kind of).
So part of my cabin fever lunacy pushed me to the edge and in a weak moment I logged into ebay.  Not for, clothes, antiques or collectibles, silly, but for hatching eggs of course!  Michaela and I have been talking about wanting to crank the incubator back up but with it being winter, my reasonable mind kept telling me to wait.  That reasonable brain went out the window, its a week til Christmas and I am just as completely excited as the kids are!  Hatching eggs is like a little Christmas in and of itself!  So shes ticking away getting the temperature and humidity stable, waiting to get the call from the Post office to say my fragile cargo has arrived.  We will keep you posted every exciting step of the way, say a prayer they make it safe and sound and don't get too cold in transport!