As I watch what I hope to be the last store of the year snow and blow outside my window I am so grateful that spring is around the corner.  In my, I am slowly going crazy, cabin fever I have started growing trays in my house, like in my kitchen :)  It started with a bag of lentils I bought at the bulk foods store for $1.24.  That pound of lentils was soaked over night in water, then spread out on a tray with holes poked for drainage.  I covered the lentils with a damp paper towel, keeping the towel damp.

After a couple days I remove the paper towel and water them at least twice a day the roots should be emerging when you take off the paper towel.

Once they start they really take off.

The photo above is at day 4. and two days later,

And by a week they are ready to take out of the tray

And feed to the very happy chickens ( or rabbits or whatever you choose)

With this being such a hit, I decided to keep doing this for them.  And keep trays going so they can have fresh greens while they are cooped up during the winter.

I have now started growing micro greens for the human crew in trays inside as well.  I used the same trays (recycled plastic packaging from the bakery work great too)and sprinkled soil on the bottom.  I then sprinkled an even layer of micro green seeds (a mix of spinach, arugla etc) and cover with another thin layer of soil.  I only water these once a day and so far they are sprouting nicely.  I did not see them as quickly as they are in soil unlike the lentils but within four days they were popping up!  I hope this helps you all wanting to do this at home. It is so simple and fun to watch!