Welcome 2014 I cannot wait to see the bounty you have to give!  I am always looking forward no matter what the time frame or land mark, I always have little excitements that I am anticipating.  This year our big goal that hovers over all our farm goals is better record keeping and analysis of those records.  I admit, it is the unfun part of farming, but it will help us do what we do in a better way to be able to learn in the future.  A friend of mine and I often talk about the saying that in farming you only have so many seasons to learn from.  Here, summers are short and growing is a challenge, so the more organized I can be the better.  Our garden has been mapped out down to the row feet and where each seed crop will be ordered from.  I love having my notebook always at hand to write down the happenings of the day so I can look back and find info when need be but this year I have something else in mind.  We plan to have spread sheets by the door to track how much of which varieties were planted, germination rate, fruit rate, irrigation, etc.  
The same, hopefully, will run through our whole program to track best care and handling operations for the chickens, the pork project etc.  Most of all I plan to continue looking forward in excitement to what farm life brings.  I wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope you have lots of exciting stuff to look forward to!