I almost laugh at how prone to bad luck I am when it comes to starting plants.  I hardly ever have luck getting my seedlings to thrive after they are transplanted, if I even get them that far.  This year was no different and I can't bare the thought to go without fresh home grown tomatoes.  So I planted a Hail Mary crop of Tomatoes, direct seed style, and waited.  Sure enough I ended up with a few hearty rows of tomato plants. I don't want to say I play favorites in the garden (or any where for that matter :) but I tended to those sweet little tomato plants, weeding, and watering so they would grow tall.  The fruits were so heavy and big, I had to stake each plant to hold the big maters up.  So now, three months later the huge, bumpy, juicy, delicious fruits are finally ripening.  I can't wait to harvest these yummy heirloom tomatoes and share them at market.