Well yesterday brought on an after church road trip to Fulton NY.  We had found an ad on craiglist for a 25'x92' greenhouse and yesterday was the day that worked for every one to go take a look.  I'm excited to report we put down a deposite so we can pick it up when the snow melts a bit.  I am so excited/nervous for the possibilities this will bring the farm.  It wil extend our growing season, increase the strength of our crops, provide warmth for chicks we are growing, I mean with all this space there are soooo many possibilities!  The nerves come in when I think about all the work it will take to move the gigantic structure an hour and a halfs distance and the comedy that will ensue when these newbies try to reassemble it and put the plastic on.  I have a ton to learn about space usage in the greenhouse, I want to use not only ground and table space but over head space aswell.  Positive thoughts and prayers are appreciated