With only 44 days until spring I am getting ancy to get outside and get moving.  I LOVE spring!  Our new chicks have arrived safe and sound and are growing fast.  One arrival that I am over the moon about is of course my precious Babydoll Lambs!  We have six (maybe seven) bred ewes in the barn.
The utlrasounds we had done last month were fascinating and totally worth it!  

Preparing for lambing is basically caring for the ewes, making sure they have what they need to eat, clean water, and loose minerals.  

Last year I bought a wireless video baby monitor to have in the barn so I could watch the ewes close to lambing from the house.  This year I have discovered an even better option!

This little baby will allow me to watch the ewes from my iphone, or a lap top anywhere that has internet!  That means that not only anywhere in my home but pretty much anywhere I get cell service I can check in on my girls!

This means two things:

1) I will have the peace of mind when I am out of checking in on expectant or new moms.

2) I will not get much done until all the lambs are here, at which point I will just be in the barn kissing sweet lamby cheeks if you need me :)