Thursday brought our first lambs here at Sweet Pea Farm.  I had bought a baby monitor with a video screan, night vision, thermometer, and two way talk so I could monitor the sheep part of the barn better from inside the house.  Thursday was the first calm day we'd had all week as my oldest daughter has been on winter break and had plenty of activites going on through out the week.  I was upstairs with the girls about to hop on my trusty eliptical (the only non-barn chore kind of work out I do), and saw a little lamb bouncing around the pen Gladiola was in.  I flew out of the house like a lunatic, grabbing my trusty Lowes bucket I had by the door with my supplies.  When I got to the sheep stalls I saw a little black lamb chasing Gladiola, a first time mom, around the jug (term for the pen the Ewe and lambs go in the first few days after they're born), laying in the middle of the pen was a tiny black blob.  My heart sank as I thought I would see Gladi standing there lovingly nursing her lamb.  NOPE, she was terrified, probably more so than me.  I grabbed the blob which I had now recognized as another lamb and tore her out of the sack and started to rub her.  My puppy raising experience has given me some knowledge of what to do for a slow baby, but I had no idea how long she had been there, if Gladi stepped on her etc.  Petrified I first, called my mother, as Matt was in school and I was home alone with the girls, I knew she was down the road in Carthage and she without questions asked flew over here to my aid.  In the mean time I wrapped the wet lambs up in my big beach towel from my Lowes bucket and ran them inside.  It was aobut 10 degrees out that morning, I knew I needed to get the tiny lamb dry and warmed up if she had a shot, and was scared to leave the larger lamb with Gladi who was head butting and kicking him anytime he got near.  I got them in , blew them dry a bit to warm them up and continued the vigorous rubbing to stimulate.  The larger lamb turned out to be a ram and the tiny a Ewe.  Throughout the next 24 hours I attempted to reintroduce the lambs to their mom, restraining her, hiding around corners to see if she was better if I was not around, nothing worked, so the first lambs born here are bottle lambs, Not at all what I had planned, but that is how it goes.  The Ewe lamb weighed 2lbs on birth and her brother was 5lbs.  The ewe had been pretty lethargic and not eager to eat, but now she will take a bottle and is eating better now but not in the clear yet.  I keep hoping and praying she thrives and grows strong.  The ram is a tap dancing comical little clown and we are so enjoying him.