Ok so my Christmas gift to myself/Birdy was a set of hatching eggs, not just any hatching eggs but FRIZZLE hatching eggs, any of you that follow the farm know that we had a delightful little frizzle hen, Fizzle, who passed away this past summer.  We miss her so and I thought it would be a good winter pick me up to try and hatch one of our own.  Now Frizzles are a funny chicken, you cannot breed a frizzled roo to a frizzled hen and get frizzled chicks, odd right?  The gene that causes the frizzled feathers if doubled is deadly to the embryo, or they just won't develop rather.  So you have to use a straight feathered parent with a frizzle feathered parent, and as you could guess half the chicklets will be frizzled, the other half straight feathered.  Then within the frizzled half, of course nature would tell us that half of those are roolets and the other half pullets so of all the eggs, we have a 1 in 4 chance in getting a frizzled hen.  
Nonetheless, we found a lady on ebay that had frizzled hatching eggs for sale and she sent them our way.  I believe the roo was a frizzle and the hens or momma birds were Swedish Flower hens, so you can imagine how beautiful they will be.  Well she sent these precious eggs to me last Monday and yesterday when they were supposed to arrive, they were MIA so she graciously sent me another set.  The second set will hopefully arrive Monday.  So now not only do we have one batch of fabulous frizzled possiblities, but two!  She was very generous and sent some extra eggs too, some Straight Swedish Flower hens and some Olive Eggers.  The postal worker was surprised that people would actually ship eggs, but lucky for me they do!  So the wait is on 21 days!  I will keep you guys posted on how all goes with candling etc.  Below are the pics I have so far.
how they arrive in box
each precious egglet carefully wrapped
in the bator!  I ordered 12 she sent me 19!  If any one wants her contact info let me know or email sweetpeafarmny@yahoo.com and I will get you her email :)  Cross your fingers and toes, and say your prayers that we have some sweet fluff butts in a few weeks!