We have known for a long time the the Olde English Southdown Babydoll National sheep show was coming up in the beginning of September, I had entered to be safe....in case I was able to go.  I went back and forth with the pros and cons of making the 5 hour trip.  I knew Matt wouldn't be able to come as he has other stuff going on, so for me to go it would mean making the trip with a ten year old (no prob), a toddler, and three sheep.  With a house sheep, baby chicks, and a barn full of critters that need constant care I could not be gone too long.  So I would also have to leave before sun up to make it to NJ in time to check the sheep in with the show vet by 9, show the sheep in the afternoon, and drive home again.  I really wanted to go and meet other Babydoll breeders, but it's a ton of work, fitting (as best I know how) washing, packing, driving ten hours in a day, getting my vet out to do out of state health certificates.  So I had really decided not to do it, that it would be a ton of work and frustration.  Well, yesterday I changed my mind.  I thought I would regret it if I didn't try.  One of my besties agreed to make the ride with me (even though it means I'll be picking her up around 4am :) and my vet was able to work me into her schedule to get the health certificates done.  Matt and I built a make shift transport box out of cattle panel for the back of my truck, and without staying over night there aren't many other things I need to pack.  
    I am hoping that we will have a few hours to take in the rest of the sheep and wool festival, see all the awesome sheep, and wonderful wool products.  Michaela (my ten year old) will hopefully remember the Flip recorder so she can film her experience at the NJ Sheep and Wool Festival.  She wants to start posting videos of our wackiness on a youtube channel. I guess I could see how some things around here would be entertaining and out of the ordinary to the general public lol. So wish us luck, we will need it, I just want to have fun with the girls!