A couple nights ago I noticed the pullets were laying eggs up on some of the hay, so I put a step stool there so I could get up there and collect eggs easily.  Yesterday morning, I went up to collect eggs and to my ultimate surprise there were tiny little chicks up there!  When we bought pullets this year we bought a few of a few different kinds, one of which breed being Buff Orpington, which I love, but they all look identical.  I did not realize that one of the Buffys had gone broody and hatched out babies!  These are the first chicks to be hatched here by their mom and not an incubator.  We have had a few chickens and ducks go broody but none of them successful.  
    So then we had to make the call, can we leave them with the mom to raise or do we move them to a brooder safe inside????  Due to the location of where they hatched we decided to bring them in and put them in a brooder.  The hay stack is pretty tall, ergo the ladder, and there are way too many opportunities for a baby chick to fall through the cracks.
So we brought the seven little peeps in.  Later in the day we went back out to check on her and found an eighth little chick.  Not too shabby for a six month old pullet.  
    The chicks are half Buff Orpington and half Cuckoo Maran.  Five chicks are silver and gray, and three are a rusty color and gray.  So we shall see if the color is sex linked? Always an adventure!