Well Saturday was a whirlwind for sure.  I loaded in the truck with the girls and sheep in tow at 2:30am.  By the time I got to the closest town, Watertown, my awesome tarp fastening had failed and had to be cut off the sheep crate.  I pulled into McDonalds, open 24 hrs, to cut off the flapping tarp remnants.  Apparently McDonalds is full of the bar crowd at that time (duh) so I had lots of interesting comments while standing on top of the truck, with sheep in the back, at 2:40am....  Anyway, grabbed a latte and off we went, again.  I picked up my friend Terry about 45 minutes down the road and we were off.  I was slightly exhausted by the time we hit PA, so thankfully my friend took over the rest of the drive while I passed out in the passenger seat!  LOL
    Arrival was fairly quick and painless, the grounds were not too busy at 8am so unloading and settling the sheep in was no big deal.  We wandered around the grounds and saw many lovely vendors.  Roving, patterns, spinning wheels, tons and tons of yarn, needle felting, you name it.  We scored some sheep key chains (mine was a black sheep one of course :), a sheep door mat, some matching festival tshirts for me and Birdy, they didn't come in Khloe's size.  There were many great ideas and an awesome kids corner.  Instead of a sand box they had a corn box that Khloe really enjoyed.  
    The show started at 1:30, we took all three of our sheep down so we would be ready to go when our classes came.  Our ram lamb, Dodge, took a second in his class which we were so pleased with.  Clover took a fifth, and Isis a fourth, we were happy with all our woolies, Birdy took a third in the Jr Showmanship class, and when it was all over, we were exhausted!  Most of the top prizes went to the more mature sheep, there was a lovely showing and was so nice to meet such awesome Babydoll Breeders.  I am very grateful to Reni and Kevin for putting it together!  Unfortunately we had to load back up and hit the road for the 5 hour trek back home.  It was a long day, but we were so pleased to be part of the first National Olde English Babydoll sheep show sponsored by NABSSAR! Michaela took some video that we will upload on our facebook page, so be sure to check that out. We can't wait for next year!