A week ago Matt and I found a Bobcat skid steer on Craigslist that was just right for us and we could afford without a loan (hugely important when farming).  Today Matt decided to take the Bobcat out back to our small wooded area and clean it out as it used to be some one's dumping ground.  There is everthing from parts of old cars, tractors, disks for plowing, stoves, toys, tons of buckets, bottles and cans.  There is even an old playhouse that was built back there.  So naturally I was poking around for anything cool we could use.  I had Kiah out with me as usual (she had just finished herding Matt's goats back in their fence), when  Matt stops what he's doing and points, there sits this dopey looking mutt dog with a collar but of course no tags.  He instantly fell in love with my beautiful Kiah, naturally.  They frolicked around for quite a while but Khloe got tired so I brought Kiah in with me.  I don't leave her out loose without me.  He sat looking for her for a few minutes and took off.  I hope he is heading home, you just never know what you'll find in our woods.