It's that time of year, the rams had to move to their own man cave.  Last year I brought Ramboy in at the end of September and since I didn't want to put him by himself I acclimated him to the flock.  Well, five months later little Hope and Mumble were born on a slightly bitter morning, minus eleven degrees to be exact.  I remember every moment of that morning like it was yesterday and I don't want that to happen again.  So the boys have eachother this year as we flew little Dodge in from IL and he will keep Ram company until they are ready to buddy up with their respective lady friends.  Some where around the middle of November.  We hope to bring a new Boer Buck in next month and he will hang out with the wether until December when those girls are ready to be bred.
It is a constant reminder being on a farm that there is always something to be excited about.  Sure Fall means winter, and winter means cold, and snow around here but there's never down time around here.  The "slow" season is filled with needle felting, holiday craft shows, garden and high tunnel planning and learning about what projects we hope to start.  It is a gift to occupy this patch of earth and try to use it to the best of our ability to feed the family and promote soil health. 
So even though the rams aren't super excited to be segregated from the lovely Babydoll ladies at the moment, it is short term and means we are one step closer to baby time!