We have been super busy around here.  The Watertown Farmer's Market is going great but keeping up with inventory for that and the Carthage Market two days later is impossible.  I haven't been to the Carthage Market in weeks because I am busy making more dryer balls, and processing chicken to fill orders from the Wednesday market.  This is definitely a year of learning and learning to manage inventory and keep enough in stock and keeping things fresh are a challenge.  So I apologize for not being at the Carthage market often.  Matt and I have been working on the perimeter high tensile fencing so that we can move forward and have more pasture for the sheep and goats and hopefully move in hogs and cows in the future.  It's a lot of work for two people who have never put up electric.  Yesterday we suffered another loss.  Michaela's little bunny passed away from wry neck we think.  She was very young and so we aren't 100% what the cause was but atleast we know that she was loved to the fullest while she was here.  Running a farm (tiny as ours is) brings home how fragile life is, it is not rare that we lose a chick, or duckling, and even the big losses of a lamb or goat kid we have experienced in our short time farming have taught us a lot.  We are grateful when we save them and pray we have given them a good life when we don't.  Just like with people you never know when your time is up so treat them all well, love them, respect them, and then I can sleep well at night.  Even on chicken processing days, I pray that the chickens have lived a happy life, die a quick and painless death, and nourish people as food.  I, as a vegetarian of 18 years, can process the chickens knowing that, and being grateful I have meat to feed my family that is humanely and naturally raised.  Anyway I hope you all are ready for fall, the leaves are changing here and the pumpkins are turning orange.  We hope to get our youtube channel up and running soon with some needle felting and egg carving, and of course Hope and Penny antics around the house.  Until next time ~Michelle