Lately this farm chica feels a bit like she's treading water without a pool!  Between the day to day chores, responsibility, keeping up with inventory, laundry, a busy toddler, and a ten year old with homework and a busy schedule it can be tough to keep up.  Matt and I have tons of projects to handle before the snow hits, which could be tomorrow in upstate NY, or could be around Christmas, you never know!
    We are finishing up the high tensile fence for the goats and then will move on to finish the perimeter fence.  The high tunnel needs to atleast be erected before the ground is frozen and the replacement brackets we need are currently MIA in Virginia or something.  We finally found a skid steer we could afford without a loan so we can easily and quickly clean the barn in the winter and between lambing and kidding.  And the chicken tractor we started needs to be finished so I can move the hens out of the barn to make room for lambing pens.  With so many projects and so many parts and pieces and tools needed for each project sometimes it can make my head spin.  The ability to keep Khloe occupied and close by while working on all this is another trick.  Sometimes it's frustrating if I don't accomplish all I had in mind.  
    Lately I have found it helpful to make a list the night before of what I need to accomplish and ideas of what I can do if I have the time in order of priority, (cleaning and laundry are rarely in the top 5 lol).  I also make it top priority to spend time with each daughter playing, talking, reading each day, that will always be most important to me, no matter what else is going on.  With goals of sustainability, raising food for our family that is safe and healthy, providing products to the community to give them an opportunity to do the same it can get overwhelming. I am always praying to get better as a mom, as a partner, daughter, sister, and now farmer and caretaker of the land and critters I share it with.    I couldn't be happier where I am in life and speeding through too fast and not enjoying it doesn't do any good! So I guess what I am saying is I know no matter what you do, it is easy to feel like you're treading water, try to take some time and enjoy the waves life sends your way!