Today I am up to my eyeballs in dryer  Trying to keep up with inventory and feed the kids, clean the house, do chores is a time management challenge for sure, especially this time of year.  I first learned about dryer balls from another vender at a craft show.  She was looking for a local source for them to care for her little one's cloth diapers.  With a little research (and encouragement from my sis) I decided to try to make some.  My baby at the time had super sensitive skin and we couldn't use dryer sheets any more because of this.  So I gave it a shot, the beginning design was with a felted wool ball wrapped in 100% wool yarn and felted again.  This design was great but we had to out source the wool yarn as I would never be able to keep up with spinning that much yarn, even if I was great at it.  Now a year later we have changed the design to solely a wool felted ball.  This eliminates the need to purchase yarn, cuts down a bit on production time, and their is no risk for unraveling.  Many customers were purchasing the dryer balls for use with army uniforms as dryer sheets coat the fire retardant material and that of course, is not good.  The strong Velcro would often pull the felted yarn apart and result in a big mess in the dryer.  We have also started scenting some sets with essential oils.
Dryer balls are a set of wool felted balls, used to replace dryer sheets.  I keep mine in the dryer at all times, to avoid loss by cat or toddler.  I use all four, but small loads may only need 2.  The dryer balls work together, bouncing around to remove static and wrinkles, while absorbing extra moisture so you don't need to run your dryer as long.  Each set lasts about a year, if not lost.  At that point they would be felted down so tight that though they would still removed static and wrinkles, they would not have room to absorb any more moisture. They are quiet and chemical free compared to the plastic version of dryer balls sold in stores.  They do not leave a film on your lint trap like dryer sheets do, so your dryer itself lasts longer.  They are a must for cloth diapers, military uniforms, any family with a member that has sensitive skin or breathing issues as there aren't any chemical fumes released in the air like dryer sheets.  They are great for any family!  I'm really happy with this product, it is our number one seller on the farm other than chicken. It is wonderful to offer the community a money saving, all natural, chemical free option from a renewable resource. We carry these at the Watertown Farmer's Market every Wednesday, and they can be found at our etsy shop as well. (just go to and search SweetPeaFarmNY) If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!