One of my biggest hurdles at the market is explaining my choice to be a vegetarian and then selling pork, lamb, or goat!

Most of my interactions at market do not include my life story along with it...but the best part of markets is connecting with my customers.  Often they ask how goat tastes, or does lamb taste like beef.  Since I am an honest person, and want my customers to like and trust me I tell them, I do not personally eat the meat, but I do cook it :)

I have reviews from several trusted family members to provide feedback to new customers and that is always what I tell market goers.  

I know it is a weird choice to raise meat on our farm even though I have had such strong person views in the past.  The truth is, I have ALWAYS wanted to be a farmer.  When I was little my favorite gift was a green John Deere tractor to go in my cardboard box barn.  As I got older I began reading about farming.  As many of you know there are some pretty inhumane farming practices out there when it comes to raising meat on a large scale.  Many animals are kept in dirty, smelly, over crowded conditions.  I, being an animal lover, hated the thought of animals living in such situations.  My answer, in my oh so powerful twelve year old mind, was to stop eating meat and contributing to the markets that drive such large, horrible farms.  Now, nineteen years later, I am a mom of two little girls.  They of course mean the world to me.  Both Matt, and the girls enjoy their meals with meat.  This led us to make the choice to raise our own meat to feed our family, and our community.  It is not a conventional position, vegetarian meat farmer.  Not that there is much to be called conventional about our family, but it is what works for us.