I am such a bad blogger, I write every few days then disappear for weeks.  I'm sorry.  So many wonderful things have been happening I don't even know where to start.  Market season has begun, it is an adjustment to say the least, getting up before the sun and leaving the house by myself.  Matt has to play mister mom the days I work markets, Wednesday in Watertown and Friday in Carthage.  It is nice to get out and meet new people and talk about my passion, the farm, so for that I am grateful (even if it does call for a 4am wake up). 
We have brought in two new lambs this year from outside farms, a white ram lamb flew in from IL to live here and be a daddy in the future.  We love Ramboy and his sour patch kid type quirkiness but he has a strong black gene and though I do love that chocolatey fleece, I cannot dye it like the white wool so our new ram, Dodge, will hopefully help provide more white lambs.  A darling ewe lamb named Isis came to us from Bull Hill Ranch in the Finger Lakes.  They are such an awesome family and on top of the uber adorable Babydoll sheep they raise fuzzy little Kunekune pigs. 
Speaking of wool. we did all our own shearing, myself and my older daughter Michaela, did a sheep a night for five nights and sheared all the sheep with the old fashioned hand shears.  It was a lot of work and frustration at times but we all survived so for that...we are grateful.  I wash and card (thanks to my dad for letting me borrow his drum carder) all our wool here, I have a weird obsession with knowing exactly who's wool I'm using for what etc. 
The expanded garden has been a trial.  We tilled an acre and a half this year.  Since I usually have the company of Hope, my house sheep that free range grazes when we are outside and Khloe plus our numerous free range chickens and ducks, I don't use anything that could hurt them if they come in contact with it.  Plus I eat those veggies and wouldn't ask for Roundup dressing if I had the choice.  The decision to garden in a non chemically way means extra fun hand weeding time and dusting with DE to try and keep up with any bugs that think my plants are their dinner.  Regardless we will have lots of greens, radish, beans, peas, carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins, squash and corn as the year goes on I hope!  I am also dabbling in growing mushrooms.  I am a vegetarian and love to use mushrooms as kind of a meat substitute in meals.  So I have some mushroom growing kits I am working on. 
We have lots of big plans for the near and not so near future.  Our 92 foot tunnel will be up before this winter so I can get plants started in there and have more produce this time of year and flowers.  We are bringing in a few Scottish Highland cows that we will have bred to Angus bulls for meat and to encompass in our rotational grazing.  Matt is looking at adding meat goats in the mix aswell to browse on some of the pasture the sheep don't love to eat.  As usual I will be the one who loves and feeds them while they are here and probably cry when they have to go lol.  I'd rather feed my family meat we have raised natural and humanely than medicated crappola from the grocery store so I know it is for the best.
Our first harvest of pastured chicken is just about ready and we will have farm fresh, pasture raised whole and half chickens for sale on farm and at the markets.  Our chicken will be $3/lb and if you'd like to be added to the list to be notified when it is ready let me know.  We will have a chicken harvest every month so if you do not get any from this one let me know and I can still add you to the list for next month.  My turkey poults are starting to look more like turkeys, losing their head feather and growing very fast.  The chickens and ducks that decided to take an egg laying break right before the markets opened appear to be back on track so hopefully I will have enough not to disapoint any one this week.  We installed a rain gutter and water collection system on the barn and with the weather lately it filled up in the first two days. 
In a nutshell thats what's up, at Sweet Pea Farm NY.  We are loving life and learning a lot.....and for that we are grateful!